Tunisia: Migration awareness campaign ‘Esshih’ launched

An awareness campaign called Esshih was officially launched in Tunisia on April 8 to provide information on the risks posed by irregular migration to youths who could potentially undertake such a journey, to their families and to society as a whole.

The campaign also aims to publicize possible alternatives in Tunisia to emigration or regular pathways to move abroad.

The campaign was promoted by the Tunisian national observatory on migrations (ONM), in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Tunisian diaspora association in Italy, Pontes.

Esshih, which is part of the directive committee of the project ARIS (Awareness Raising and Information for Safety and Empowerment Campaign), will support the training of peer communicators, selected from all regions of the country, to provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to organize actions to raise the awareness of youths and their families.

The peer-to-peer approach includes meetings with young Tunisians, to listen to their projects for the future, provide targeted information and messages, reply to their questions and assist them in the selection of possible alternatives to irregular migration.

Actions by “peer communicators” will include events organized in different regions of the country, through art labs, cinema and sports events, debates and festivals organized and produced by youths, also with the support of communicators.

The campaign will also focus on the mainstream media, including television and radio broadcasters, that will give visibility to the experience of young undocumented migrants as well as success stories of youths in Tunisia and of those who emigrated abroad legally.

Esshih also includes a partnership with national television Wataniya-1 to organize a series of initiatives around a TV series to be broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan called “El Harga”, a Tunisian production that focuses on irregular migration.

The press conference to launch Esshih was followed by a meeting of the directive committee of the project ARISE (Awareness Raising and Information for Safety and Empowerment Campaign).


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