Maritime line between Libya and Tunisia reopened

The Libyan – Tunisian Economic Cooperation Council announced the opening of a maritime line between the two countries soon.

The Council announced on Social Media that the Executive Director of the Libyan-Tunisian Economic Cooperation Council, Saber Baqra, voiced the willingness of a group of Libyan and Tunisian businessmen to work to improve Tunisian-Libyan trade ties and establish joint investment projects during his meeting with the Tunisian Minister of Transport and Logistics Moez Chakchouk.

After the necessary procedures and arrangements on the Tunisian side were completed, the Director of the Council announced the completion of the SeaPort Masrata project and the Libyan side’s desire to open a maritime passenger and motor transport line linking the port of Misrata, the port of Safavid, and the port of the valley’s throat.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and the Tunisian Customs Service for Passenger Traffic, has expressed its readiness to help with the line’s opening.

These new proposed shipping lines would follow on from the existing lines transporting mainly Tunisian agricultural goods from Tunisia to Libya.

The announcement is also linked to the fact that the Misrata Maritime Terminal is now ready to go into operation having announced that it is to launch its first cruise trip to Istanbul after the end of Ramadan (mid-May).


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