Ignite Tunisia, programme to boost ecosystems in the regions

Launched by Flat6Labs, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France as part of the “Innov’i” project, Ignite Tunisia is a capacity building programme for regional support structures in Tunisia.

Given that 90% of startup support structures are based in Tunis, Ignite Tunisia aims to boost regional ecosystems by transferring the skills and expertise in the implementation of startup support programmes that Flat6Labs has acquired over more than a decade of operation throughout the MENA region.

“Ignite Tunisia was born out of more than two years of reflection. We were able to identify the challenges faced by regional support structures, which can range from the implementation of a programme that is adequate to the needs of entrepreneurs in each region to the business model of these structures. Through Ignite Tunisia, we have set ourselves the mission of transferring skills to enable regional structures and startups to have an active and innovative ecosystem,” Yehia Houry, Managing Director of Flat6Labs told media.

Ignite Tunisia aims to provide the necessary tools to implement a clear strategy to strengthen the capacities of 20 structures such as incubators, coworking spaces, associations and public structures operating directly with startups. The aim is to ensure the sustainability of the structures and to capitalise on the number of startups created in the regions.

More than 80 support structures from all over Tunisia have applied to be part of the first cohort of Ignite Tunisia and benefit from a restructuring of their programme and access to Flat6Labs’ extensive network of experts, mentors and investors.

The programme will also allow the creation of a community of structures to optimise exchanges and facilitate connections between the various players. It will be implemented over 24 months and will support 20 structures over 3 cohorts.

Ignite Tunisia also aims to respond specifically to the needs of innovative support structures, to accompany them by offering them a multitude of support services to guarantee their success and sustainability and above all the creation of a regional dynamic.

“By supporting 20 support structures in the governorates, Flat6Labs contributes to increased regional integration of the Tunisian ecosystem and to better territorial networking for the support of entrepreneurs. It is also a lever for disseminating the culture of innovation and for opening up access to new opportunities for project leaders”, says Clara Guilhem, Innov’i project manager.


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