Tunisia pushes urgent draft resolution to Security Council urging Ethiopia to stop Renaissance Dam filling

Tunisia has submitted a draft resolution to its partners in the Security Council calling on the Ethiopian government to stop the Renaissance Dam’s second filling and to refrain from any declaration or procedure that might jeopardize the negotiation process.

In the final remaining hours before the Security Council’s meeting on the Renaissance Dam, New York State is witnessing intensive Sudanese and Egyptian moves aimed at presenting their position regarding the Renaissance Dam, AlTaghyeer reports.

Khartoum and Cairo agreed to intensify consultations with the member states of the UN Security Council – before Thursday’s session – in order to mobilize support for the two countries’ position, which decrees a need for a legally binding agreement on the dam’s filling and operation, the same source adds.

Tunisia, with its draft resolution, provides for the Security Council to ask all of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to resume their negotiations at the request of the President of the African Union and the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

It also ordains the three to reach, within six months, an obligation agreement concerned with filling and managing the dam.

According to the draft resolution, the binding agreement must “ensure Ethiopia’s ability to produce hydroelectricity from the dam and at the same time prevent significant damage to water security for the two tributary countries.”

The Security Council, within the resolution’s framework, must call for “the three countries to refrain from any declaration or procedure that is likely to present the negotiating process, while also calling for Ethiopia to “to refrain from continuing one-sided filling of the dam’s tank.”

The Security Council did not specify a date for voting on the Tunisian draft resolution, although diplomats believe that a vote during Thursday’s session is unlikely.


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