Tunisia: “Thuccabor” organic olive oil wins gold medal in Italy

The organic olive oil of the brand “Triumph Thuccabor” of Ben Ismail Domain (Beja governorate) won, on Tuesday, the “Extra Gold” medal at the international competition “BIOL NOVELLO 2021”, held in Italy.

“Triumph of Thuccabor” is produced on the farm of Ben Ismail located in Toukaber in the delegation of Medjez El Bab (governorate of Beja). Thuccabor is the Roman name of the locality of Toukaber.

Maher Ben Ismail, a member of the family that owns the farm, said on social media that this competition, organized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, is one of the most important at the international level insofar as it brings together more than thirty experts in tasting and hundreds of participants, farmers and producers of olive oil in the world.

“We have just received great news from Italy and we have to share it with you. Our commercial brand Triomphe Thuccabor has been awarded the special EXTRA GOLD award (Awards given to the highest scoring oils, the one and only Tunisian oil that has achieved this score) the most prestigious and trusted award for high quality sustainable ORGANIC olive oils in the world by a jury of 30 experts in the field. We take pride in knowing that we are on the right track for quality and above all the health of our consumers and the protection of the environment around us.”

According to the same source, the olive oil brand “Triumph of Thuccabor” has collected various medals over the last years thanks to the quality of the purely Tunisian olive varieties with multiple virtues and to the effort deployed at the farm level to use modern cultivation techniques and to control the whole production chain,

TunisianMonitorOnline (NejiMed)

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