Depression brings heavy rain to northern Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, snow expected in Atlas Mountains

The latest outputs of computer simulation systems for the movement of weather systems and rain forecasts indicate that the northern parts of the Maghreb countries are affected by a highly effective depression, bringing moderate and heavy thunderstorms, active winds, and snow to many regionsn ArabiaWeather reported. It is centered in southern Italy today

A depression brings widespread rain, including northern Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia

In detail, the weather is expected to be very volatile today, Tuesday, throughout the northern parts of Morocco and Algeria, as a result of the region being affected by an air depression accompanied by a cold air mass, which works to multiply clouds and precipitation falls on various parts of northern Morocco, in the form of snow showers on the Atlas highlands, the same source said.

Algeria will not be far from the effects of the depression, as all coastal parts of it are expected to witness rainfall of varying intensity. It is not unlikely that they will be heavy in the capital, Algiers, and cause water levels to rise in some roads and residential neighborhoods. It is also not unlikely that parts of the Atlas Heights will witness showers. Snow from time to time.


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