Tunisia secures EUR 145 mn in loans from EIB and AfDB for Bizerte bridge project

Tunisia will receive EUR 123 mn from The European Investment Bank (EIB) and EUR 122 mn loan from the African Bank of Development (AfDB) for the construction of the Bizerte bridge project, according to a statement released last week. Construction will take place over 38 months for the bridge and 27 months for its roads and interchanges, according to the statement.

The project involves building a 2.07 km, 56-meter-high bridge that should move traffic away from the city center, the statement adds. The project will also support regional economic activity by facilitating access to the port of Bizerte.

The construction contract has been awarded to the Sichuan Road and Bridge Group for some TND 610 mn which is 79% of the total investment. The work will take place over three phases: the construction of a southbound link through a 4.5 km motorway, the construction of the main bridge, and building a northbound link and a 2.5 km motorway, according to the statement.


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