Annual Global Child Nutrition Forum in Tunis

The 20th Annual Global Child Nutrition Forum was organised Sunday in Tunis by the Global Child Nutrition Foundation and the World Food Programme (WFP) Centre of Excellence against Hunger, in partnership with host countries.

The five-day Forum aims to start an open dialogue and share experiences, best practices, and challenges as well as options for sustainable support for nutrition-based school feeding programs using local products.

The Annual Global Child Nutrition Forum is held for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where school feeding programs are implemented.

Global Child Nutrition Foundation Executive Director Arlene Mitchell said that the forum’s objective is to raise awareness about the important challenges posed by child nutrition worldwide.

She underlined the need to take on the challenges by means of strengthening co-operation between the nations to enhance nutrition programs, particularly in schools.

Director of the World Forum Programme (WFP) Centre of Excellence against Hunger Daniel Balaban underlined that the forum, which brings together senior officials from 60 countries each year, provided the occasion to discuss strategies for stepping up child nutrition in schools. He indicated that “good nutrition contributes to improving the nutritional status and well-being of students and creating conditions for academic success.”

The Participants in this Annual Global Child Nutrition Forum are expected to pay visits to schools and to the school food bank to take stock of the programs implemented by Tunisia in school feeding, that concerns 206,000 pupils spread over 2,500 schools.

TunisianMontorOnline (MNHN)


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