“Africa Moves” investment summit set for Tunis in June

The Africa Moves Big Summit will take place in Tunis, on June 17-21, on growth in investment in tech startups across the continent.

The event intends to attract as many as 8,000 attendees, featuring more than 200 African startups and 150 guest speakers hailing from dozens of countries, Disrupt-Africa website reports.

Held on the premises of the Cité de la Culture in Tunis, Africa Moves is organised by the Entrepreneurship and Diversity Network (EDN), an international non-profit organisation that offers acceleration, incubation and mentoring, the same source said.

“We believe that Africa Moves ill redefine the African startup landscape, by creating a much-needed bridge between startup entrepreneurs, sources of capital and the media,” said Dom Einhorn, member of the event’s steering committee and director of investor relations.

“This event is of an entirely different calibre than what the continent has grown accustomed to seeing. For one, we can confirm the attendance of an institutional investor base with a combined investable asset base exceeding US$10 billion. Additionally, a lot of work has gone into vetting the startups that are invited to exhibit, by focusing on companies that are both early and later stage, but with a proven business model and an existing revenue base.”


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