ISIE announces final list of candidates

The Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) announced on Saturday the final list of 26 candidates for the early presidential election scheduled for next September 15, TAP reports.

ISIE has published on its official page on the social network Facebook a copy of the ballot paper for the presidential election, their ranking, names and photos.

At a press conference on Saturday, ISIE President Nabil Baffoun said that the ISIE council meeting after the expiry of the deadlines for withdrawal of applications examined the complete files of candidates and the judgments rendered by the Administrative Court before announcing the final list.

The ISIE Council has published a decision with a single article on the list of presidential candidates to be published in JORT and implemented as of Saturday, August 31.

The foreign election campaign starts this Saturday and is scheduled from September 2 to 13 in the country.


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