Saudi Embassy to Tunisia celebrates National Day

The Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s Embassy to Tunisia last Saturday celebrated Saudi National Day.

On this occasion, a prestigious ceremony took place with the attendance of Tunisian Minister of Trade Omar El-Bahi, and senior Tunisian state officials, members of Parliament, ambassadors, and a large number of political, economic, cultural and media figures.

Saudi ambassador to Tunisia, Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al-Ali, commended strong and historic Saudi-Tunisian relations especially after the recent visits between the two countries’ leaderships.

He congratulated King  Salman, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi people on the occasion of the celebration of the Kingdom National Day.

“It is with hearts filled with love, security, reassurance, accomplishment and giving that we congratulate ourselves and our compatriots, at a time where we see the development and modernization of government institutions taking place in line with the implementation of educational, health and developmental projects throughout the Kingdom,” Al-Ali said.

The ambassador hailed the Kingdom’s position as “It has become a developed country in record time while preserving its religious values and culture, protecting its Islamic faith and giving the Two Holy Mosques the utmost attention and care to serve pilgrims.


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