Huawei launches Northern Africa Innovation Day in Tunisia

 Huawei launched a forum of Northern Africa Innovation Day co-organised with the government on Monday in Tunis with attendance of over 300 Arab and African officials and specialists.

Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Xue Man said the building of an effective technology system in Tunisia, the Arab region and Africa by working to strengthen the infrastructure, placing emphasis on China’s Huawei’s readiness to “provide all necessary assistance to achieve this goal.”

The forum, to which took part a large number of Tunisian, Arab and African officials and many experts in communication and technological innovation, is organized as part of celebrations marking Huawei’s 20th anniversary of entering the Tunisian market.

Imad Ben Halima, assistant general manager of Huawei Tunisia, told reporters since it first entered Tunisia in 1999, Huawei has contributed significantly and effectively to the development of the telecommunications field in Tunisia.

In another connection, the Education Ministry signed, Monday, a partnership agreement with Chinese telecom and electronics manufacturer Huawei, under which the company will help digitize Tunisia’s primary, preparatory and secondary education and ensure follow-up.

The agreement, which was signed on the sidelines of the third session of Huawei Forum of Technological Innovation in North Africa, seeks to establish an infrastructure for the digitization process while setting up an ICT network, said Director-General of the National Centre of Technologies in Education Wala Tourki.


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