Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis 2020 Challenge: “Build start-ups that have net impact on environment on every Dollar earned”

The Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis presents the concept of Hult Prize on its social media page, saying that “by participating in Hult Prize On Campus program in your university, you will gain the needed skills to transform your idea into a sustainable project. The winning team from the program will have a guaranteed spot in the Regional summit, host in more than 27 different countries around the world. Bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds, It offers you the opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas, learn from your peers, to inspire and be inspired by a generation of young leaders determined to change the world through their different perceptive of business. More than 45 teams will make it to the world’s largest accelerator, taking place in Ashridge Castle London, and the top 6 teams will pitch their ideas for 1 Million USD in startup funding at the United Nations Headquarters in New York”.

The Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis also gives a thorough briefing on the Hult Prize foundation saying that it is the largest learning platform for social change.

The Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis also revealed that the foundation enables students to tackle the world’s most critical problems through their innovative and disruptive ideas.

In fact, over 2,000,000 students worldwide were influenced by the Hult Prize competition. This social movement is brought to universities by On Campus program. A program that enables students to train, educate and inspire others and by the end of this program the winning team will have a guaranteed spot at one of 25+ Regional summits of their choosing. Nevertheless, The ESSEC University was impacted by this movement in 2017 when the Hult Prize ESSEC student members organized their first edition.

This year and after 2 successful editions the Hult Prize ESSEC Tunis opened the doors for new changemakers to start with them the third Hult Prize edition.

The goal of this initiative is to impact and inspire change among ESSEC students.

ESSEC Campus Director Mohamed Ghayadhi had participated in the first edition and his team “Genius Predictors” and qualified for the Regional summit in London. It is an opportunity for him and the whole team to meet other teams from all over the world and pitch their projects idea in front of world leaders.

In turn, Vice Campus Director Mohammed Amine Slimene took part in the second edition as a competitor with his team “Enactors”. They were also convincing in the presentation of their creative ideas.

Besides, Hult Prize ESSEC marketing coordinator Yasmine Oueslati had an experience with international movements such as junior enterprise and Enactus ESSEC, alongside with the logistics coordinator Salima ben Ammara. They both participated in the Hult Prize ESSEC On Campus program for 2019’s Youth unemployment. In fact, Salima’s team came third. She said it was one of the most thrilling, meaningful experiences she ever had due to its social aspect.

Furthermore, last August Hult Prize ESSEC team recruited other members to improve the team. Therefore, every coordinator works with 3 to 4 members who are actively motivated and creative who help the Hult Prize ESSEC team reach the goals in a shorter period of time.

The Hult Prize ESSEC team started working since last July, with the marketing team that launched the Instagram page, and publish posts every day in Hult Prize ESSEC social media accounts to help people understand the concept of Hult Prize, the cycle, the rules and the awards.

The Hult Prize ESSEC team aims to spread this social movement until it becomes a part of the university’s “culture” and raise awareness about the importance of social change for a better future and wellbeing of the coming generation.


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