Backstage of 41st edition of Cairo International Film Festival

-How Mohamed Hefzy restored the lustre to the Cairo Film Festival

-Menna Shalabi admits: A psychiatrist treated me for the influence of some personalities

Cairo: By Douha Essaafi

 One of the most prestigious Arab festival, the Cairo International Film Festival, was unveiled on November 19th, where the Egyptian Opera House was adorned with the finest blazers to welcome the festival’s guests from all over the world, and the stars competed to appear in remarkable forms on the red carpet. Raja Al-Jeddawi, Laila Alawi, Dina, Rania Youssef, Nadia El-Gendy, Mona Zaki, her husband Ahmed Helmy, Hend Sabry and others. For nine days, the festival presented a rich cinematographic programme in addition to various workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

 Menna Shalaby Confession

Egyptian actress Menna Shalaby said that many of the characters she presented caused her depression, stressing that she will visit a psychiatrist to get rid of the effects of those characters.

Talking about her experience in acting during a press conference held on the occasion of receiving the Faten Hamama Award for Excellence, she added that she is preparing Now, for a new representation of a psychodrama, it will be a different role from all that I have done before.

What did director Sherif Arafa ask journalists?

Egyptian filmmaker Sherif Arafa said in a symposium that he presents his films to the public and not to festivals, asking journalists to stay away from writing about film revenues and ignore the artistic success, pointing out that the success of the film depends not only on income but it can successfully work without achieving Revenue is huge but in return it works on the technical level.

Egyptian Minister of Culture is surprised by the audience

Egyptian Minister of Culture Inas Abdel Dayem expressed surprise at the huge turnout of young people to follow the films that were shown throughout the nine days of the festival, during the opening of the exhibition “Cairo… I love you”, which was held on the sidelines of the festival, and confirmed that the exhibition that reviewed the history of Egypt Cinematographer calls for thinking again that Egypt’s place in film production should be restored.

 Cairo Festival is one of the Oscars

Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) President Ahmed Hefzi said that the Cairo Festival has been chosen as one of the Oscar-eligible festivals. The festival received an invitation from the Oscar Academy stating that starting in 2020, the winner of the short film competition will be selected as an Oscar nominee. 

Amr Diab sings for cinema

 The festival held a welcoming ceremony by artist Amr Diab at one of the tourist resorts in Cairo Madinat Zayed. Amr Diab was keen to meet the demands of his audience of artists.

Khaled El Sawy summarizes the reality of Arab actors

In a new way to develop the presentation of the opening paragraphs of the festival, actor Khaled El Sawy presented a comedy paragraph summarizing the reality of the actor in the Arab world, and the passage of many obstacles, namely the control of the product in the workflow, and many actors are forced to accept roles that may not add to them anything positive but only to ensure continuity of physical stability, this paragraph was applauded by the representatives as a sign of the common suffering experienced by the elite.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Essaafi)

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