4th edition of Kairouan Festival of Arab Poetry

Minister of Cultural Affairs Mohamed Zine El Abidine will chair the opening of the 4th edition of the Kairouan Festival of Arab Poetry, which will run until December 7, 2019 with the participation of Tunisian poets and guests from Libya, Algeria, Syria and Mauritania, will be held on Thursday morning December 5, 2019 at the Arts Palace in Bardo, Tunis.

The opening ceremony will also be attended by an important delegation from Sharjah, comprising Abdullah Mohammed Al Owais, Head of Culture and Information Department, Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qaseer, Director of Cultural Affairs, Mohammed Al Buraiki, Director of Sharjah Poetry House, as well as a media delegation from Sharjah TV.

Celebrating young poetic experiences

The new edition of the festival, organized by the House of Poetry, is one of a number of Arab poetry houses established in a number of Arab countries at the initiative of Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah.

This was confirmed by the festival organizing committee headed by poet Jamila Mejri through hosting young names from Tunisia and abroad to participate in furnishing the paragraphs of the festival in addition to her presence and long experience in the field of poetry and critical book.

Besides, young poets from Libya, Syria, Mauritania and Algeria are invited to participate in the festival and furnish poetry paragraphs, namely Ahmed El Oja from Syria, Haroun Omari from Algeria, Sidi Ould Amjad from Mauritania, Mohamed Mzougui and Houd El Amani from Libya, as well as young poets from Tunisia.

Between the capital and Kairouan: various events

The fourth session includes several events, which are divided between poetry readings, musical performances and seminars with the participation of poets, critics and artists.

The opening ceremony takes place in the capital in the context of the opening of the festival to the rest of the country and more disseminaton, while seeking to bring it closer to lovers of poetry and literature in general.

A number of Tunisian poets are participating in the festival: Moncef Ouhaibi, Fawzia Alaoui, Rahim Jemai, Mona Rezgui, Soumia Yacoubi, Saber El Absi, Abdel Hamid Brik, Moez Akkichi, Fadel El Mehri, Awatef El Karimi, Naji Ajbouni, Salem Al Sharafi, Mohammed Adel Hammami, Najwa Al Duzani  and  Sarah Sultani.

The fourth edition celebrates two new publications by two Tunisian poets, Hussein Jebili, for his new born “Al-Sharafat Al-Matar and Al-Gheyab” and Amani Al-Zouaibi and his “Biography of Lights”.

The program of the festival kicks off on Thursday morning December 5at 10 am  with the official opening at the Palace of Arts and Arts in Bardo along with the launch of the exhibition “ Harvest House of Poetry 2019 ”.

At 5 pm at the Kairouan House of Poetry, a poetry evening will be organized with the participation of a number of guests of the festival.

The second day of the festival kicks off in the morning with a literary symposium on “poetry and attitude” in which Dr. Hatem bin Othman and Dr. Mohammed Mahjoub will participate and run by Dr. Hatem Fatnasi, followed by poetry readings.

At 4 pm, the poetry readings continue at the House of Poetry, and the festival’s guests and audience will attend with a musical performance.

On the final day, a poetic show will be organized during the signing ceremony of the two religions issued by the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, to conclude the festival with a reception.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Douha Essaafi)

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