Tech Trends by TT: Digital inclusion to reduce social inequalities

Tunisie Telecom organised its first webinar on Thursday November 5, 2020.

The webinar focused on digital inclusion as an economic and social lever. This event, broadcasted live on Tunisie Telecom’s Linkdln account, was an occasion to understand the real stakes of digitalisation in Tunisia and Tunisie Telecom intends to get involved in the materialisation of this digitalisation in order to reduce the digital divide.

Through Tech Trends by TT, the national operator, as a major player in the development of tomorrow’s technologies, is working, indeed, to democratise access to information and trends and wants to position itself as a major player in the development of tomorrow’s technologies, popularise its solutions, etc.

Tunisie Telecom wants to position itself as a technological expert who makes technology accessible, explained Samir Saied, Chairman and CEO of Tunisie Telecom, as he was presenting this first webinar, which will become quarterly.

“Through a series of quarterly meetings, Tunisie Telecom wants to bring together national and international talents, skills and experts to discuss current topics,” he said.

Several experts participated in the debate of the webinar.

Tawfik Jelassi, Professor of Strategy and Technology Management, à International Institute for Management Development, notably stressed the need to take advantage of all the benefits of digitalisation in order to fully enter into digital inclusion which facilitates the transparency of transactions, the improvement of savings and investments.

According to him, Tunisia still has a long way to go and this requires direct state intervention to ensure the necessary infrastructure for disadvantaged social strata and remote areas.

 Christopher Fabian (Senior Advisor of UNICEF Ventures), approached another angle by showing that the lack of digitalisation complicates access to employment and to many opportunities in the world for individuals and companies.

In turn, Borhene Chakroun, Dr. Borhene Chakroun (Director of Education and Training UNESCO) underlined the importance of digitalisation in education calling for the need to end the digital divide in Tunisia. Half of households do not have access to the Internet or a computer, Borhene Chakroun said.

Lassaad Ben Dhieb (TT Central Technical Director) gave an account on the history of the efforts made by Tunisie Telecom since the 1990s and by focusing his intervention on the opening up of remote regions.


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