Are we headed to a complete breakdown?

Unfortunately, we have witnessed over the last days an unprecedented rise of political violence in a tense atmosphere.

It is clear that political hatred discourse increasingly divides the country and threats the unity of Tunisians.

The current situation damages deeply Tunisia’s reputation as well as subverts the Tunisian emerging democracy.

The situation Tunisia is going through is so sorrowful and painful that it demands ultimate care and attention from all the society components.

The mistrust between various political parties reaches its apex .The darker situation begs the question: are we aware of the deep and worst deterioration and are we headed to a complete breakdown?

What some politicians do through demonizing and hampering each other fuels the crisis and undermine all the value of coexistence.

Obviously, what some of them do is shameful and must be condemned. It is disturbing, confusing as well as contributing to the aggravation of this acute crisis.

 In fact, we cannot turn a blind eye to these emerging hostile speeches and surging violence especially in parliament, which arouse fear and dismay between citizens making them fear the worse that may happen one day.

We must all take the responsibility in aim to strengthen solidarity and bonds of trust between various political and social components.

In this context, we implore all politicians, stakeholders…to assess the various risks due to their incessant rivalries and disputes. We implore them to review their hostile attitudes, to make Tunisian people away from violence, hunger, thirst, school drop-out, unemployment and corruption.

They must act seriously and do their best to address the tremendous problems that burden citizen and implement the efficient stimulus plans that give him the relative reassurance and hope, instead of wasting time in polarization and conflicts in this tough time.

Rebuilding trust among the different segment of society is an urgent need. Wisdom is an imperative need to prevail nationwide and everyone must be keen to preserve Tunisian statehood, social peace and stability.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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