Undocumented migrants: how to break the overall solution deadlock?

The issue of the undocumented migrants from Tunisia and Libya, remains a burden and a serious problem for both Tunisia and European countries.

Although the efforts striven by relevant authorities from both sides to curb the effect of this scourge, the situation went up to the worst by the increase of the number of Tunisians and other nationalities landing in Italy which prompt the Italian-EU delegation to hold talks constantly with senior Tunisian officials.

The latest was between Tunisian President Kais Saied and European President Charles Michel at Carthage Palace. 

Saied reiterated on this occasion” the call for a more complete approach to the migratory issue that goes behind the aspect of security to face up the deep causes of this scourge, that is to say, poverty and unemployment”.

The urgency of talks is attributable to the number of migrants reaching Italy’s shores.

Most of the news and stories about Tunisian illegal migrants who live in the margins of cities and slums are painful and sad for us. 

Some who reached Italy, who are from popular districts namely the Intilaka and the Ettadhamen neighbourhood, not far from where I live, are angry and distrust the ruling elite…

I have had the opportunity to talk with some who were expatriated from Italy. They consider the discourse of political class is misleading and unfair and the deep crisis in all aspects rise their frustration, so they are eager than any time to return to the European countries despite their arrest and repatriation.

They are determined to try that again and again, involve their children who are supposed to be at school and under the care of their families.

The problem of undocumented migrants is multifaceted as stated Saied, to tackle it by security means alone is lack of accuracy and objectivity.

Relevant European authorities are still grappling with the issue of undocumented migrants with a stricter security approach, by the forced deportation and immediate halt. It is extremely hard to solve this problem on the security level.

It is necessary to handle this phenomenon on all its different aspects and away from pressure and the inflammatory and hateful political discourses which arouse racist ideas, in aim to find adequate formulas for bilateral and effective cooperation. 

These countries should provide the necessary assistance which helps to mitigate the phenomenon and find the right solution by encouraging youth to settle in Tunisia and to set up small projects as well as to rule out the idea of “desire to immigrate and leave”.

On the other side, the Tunisian political class must restore confidence to the frustrated youth and must seek cooperation with active NGOs and media. 

All should head to the poor cities, to involve youth in awareness-raising and sensitization discussions on the phenomenon of illegal migration and to seek other means such as the appropriate vocational training and language training program for them and debating all the issues that fuel immigration 

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma Chedly) 

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