Libya and Tunisia discuss smoother border transit

The Libyan Embassy in Tunis reported Sunday that its Security Attaché, Brigadier General Ibrahim Al Bouissi, discussed on Saturday with Tunisia’s Interior Ministry measures related to facilitating the passage of travellers between the two countries through land and air borders, Libya Herald reported.

This matter has been an ongoing point of discussion between the two countries as they struggle to fulfil the need for smoother transit through borders for goods and citizens of both countries while ensuring security and control.

The two sides also discussed the possibility of opening up new routes to reduce congestion at the crossings, in addition to facilitating procedures for the movement of commercial goods between the two countries, the same source said.

Al-Bouissi also stressed that the two sides dealt with the problem of the similarity of names that Libyan travellers are exposed to in Tunisia, and the agreement on the need to develop quick solutions to them.

Exchanging information about wanted and arrested persons in both countries, the issues of smuggling and their implications for both countries and finding security plans that would contribute to eradicating this phenomenon – were also discussed.

The bilateral discussions come in the framework of the push by both sides to improve bilateral trade and travel to improve the struggling economies post the respective Arab Spring revolutions and the Coronavirus pandemic.

It also comes on the back of high-level diplomatic visits in both directions by the two countries and the Libyan-Tunisian Economic Forum being held in Tripoli from 23-25 May.


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