Libyan Business Council and Libyan-Tunisian Economic Cooperation Council sign cooperation agreement

Head of the Libyan Business Council (LBC) eastern branch, Fawzia Furjani, and Head of the Libyan-Tunisian Economic Cooperation Council, Saber Bougera, signed an agreement last Thursday at the LBC’s Benghazi branch, Libya Herald reports.

The ten-point agreement covered:

  1. Benefiting from human expertise to support economic cooperation between the two countries.
  2. Holding meetings and exchanging economic work visit.
  3. Encouraging joint investment.
  4. Developing commercial exchanges and facilitating the movement and residence of business owners and the movement of materials, goods and production components.
  5. Support the economy of the two countries and the developing economic relations.
  6. Working together to remove all obstacles to commercial movement.
  7. Achieve general economic integration and the integration of industrial and commercial activities between the two countries.
  8. Developing local products in both countries.
  9. Exchanging commercial information and marketing methods and means to develop work by holding joint exhibitions and conferences.
  10. Expending all efforts and joint work with the competent authorities to unify the different legislation and procedures related to investment and activities economic between the two countries.


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