Tunisia-Indonesia: Béchir Fathallah wins Primaduta Award 2021

Despite the distance that separates Tunisia and Indonesia, they remain open since the initiation of a perennial vision of friendship by the founding fathers of the two republics, Habib Bourguiba and Soekarno, during the independence era. The common perception of the future is strengthened once again on March 29, 2022, through the presentation of the Primatuda Award 2021 to the Tunisian entrepreneur Béchir Fathallah, head of the company “Coin d’Or”, specializing in furniture and furnishings, but also Director General (DG) of the Company El Andaloucia, awarded today at the Indonesian Embassy in Tunisia.

The award concerns 45 companies from 31 countries and rewards foreign companies that have imported Indonesian products. It is a form of recognition by the Indonesian government and is usually held on the sidelines of the largest annual trade, tourism and investment fair in Indonesia, the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI). The Tunisian company that was awarded the Primaduta prize is El Andaloucia. The Primaduta 2021 award was presented by the Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia, Zuhairi Misrawi, to Bechir Fathallah.

The winners of this year’s Primaduta Awards were chosen from 303 applicants from around the world. Of these, 25 companies were chosen as winners, including Andalusia. In his speech, the ambassador stressed during a ceremony held at the end of the morning at the embassy that the Tunisian entrepreneur Béchir Fathallah, through his company, has succeeded since 2006, the first year he visited Indonesia, in establishing close relations with this country. Since 2006, the Tunisian businessman has imported various products ranging from crafts to decorative paints. Moreover, he aims to expand the number of Indonesian deliveries to Tunisia but also to diversify the products he imports.

The Primaduta Award is given to Béchir Fathallah for his efforts and his dedication to Indonesia by introducing the products of the Asian country not only in Tunisia but also in its neighbouring countries, added the ambassador. He said that the Indonesian embassy in Tunisia is planning to produce a documentary film on the unique and special journey of Bechir Fathallah entitled “Jepara Paradise”, Jepara being the first city that Bechir Fathallah visited when he crossed the borders of the Republic of Indonesia 17 years ago.

With the close relations established with the various Indonesian parties, the cultural aspect between the two countries will soon be strengthened by a documentary film project testifying to bilateral relations since the 1950s, a period during which Indonesia recognised Tunisia even before its independence, not forgetting the first visit of Habib Bourguiba to Indonesia in 1951. Entitled “From Jakarta to Carthage”, the documentary is expected in 2023 in mixed production.

“The Indonesian Embassy to Tunisia hopes that this award will encourage Tunisian entrepreneurs to develop their activities with the Indonesian economic fabric,” said the Head of Economic Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy, Baskoro Pramadani. The leitmotif of the ceremony was Indonesia’s desire to strengthen bilateral trade relations between the two countries.  

The Indonesian ambassador affirmed that his country is willing to work with Tunisia to continue to promote exchanges and cooperation in many fields in order to obtain more results for the benefit of both countries and their peoples. He also reiterated the importance of a common and expanded contribution to promote the development of trade relations in the world and for the common welfare of all mankind. The statements are promising for Tunisia as one of the major international economic forums, the G20, is being chaired by Indonesia this year. The Indonesian Ambassador stressed his country’s willingness to participate in Tunisia’s economic recovery and development efforts.

In addition to economic and commercial cooperation, the culture bringing the two countries closer together was celebrated at the embassy through the performance of a song by the Diva Om Kalthoum whose repertoire is a must in Tunisia. The performance was given to the great delight of members of the diplomatic corps, students and journalists, by Muhammad Hanif who interpreted the reference song Alf lila W lila, before the audience was embarked on a culinary journey with Indonesian flavours.

Due to the corona crisis, this year’s Primaduta Awards were received by Indonesian representatives in the recipient countries.


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