Tunisia and missed opportunities

We remain committed to dialogue to resolve our political differences. This is the only way to preserve Tunisian unity against all the dangers and divisions that threaten us at this crucial time.

By dint of misleading speeches and blatant allegations, Tunisia is fully weakened and all aspects of life are undermined.

We are in the midst of a month (January) in which Tunisians have historically experienced horrific political and social fragmentation under the skies of Tunisia and our fear of attempts to further hinder stability and increase misery in these circumstances is unprecedented.

Unfortunately, the political status quo tends to worsen further, and it is an urgent priority to return to the path of dialogue and reconciliation, so as not to exacerbate the situation.

Needless to say, the right to protest is sacred and Tunisia is committed to defending democracy and freedom at any cost, as repeated by the Tunisian elites incessantly, but this right should not make us forget that the enemies of democracy use freedom in the name of democracy to undermine what remains of stability and coexistence.

The high risk in these difficult living conditions is that peaceful protests can easily turn into violence and bloodshed when fueled by hate speech and various political conflicts. Tension can be exacerbated by unscrupulous politicians, monopolists and others.

We must counter the imminent threat posed by the influential and intolerant. There is nothing in common with those who fuel instability, whether in the name of reform or the restoration of democracy or in any other form.

The Tunisian Salvation Front must contribute to reassure and give confidence in this delicate stage, and not exacerbate divisions and arouse hostility in popular neighbourhoods.

In brief, Tunisia is experiencing the greatest crisis in its history and to resolve its potential impact, all actors must be selfless and more aware of the danger.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Berhrouma)

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