AfDB approves 89-mln-USD loan to Tunisia to improve wastewater quality

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved an €81.9 million (US$89.08 million) loan to Tunisia to improve wastewater treatment for agricultural reuse and strengthen its climate resilience, Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) reported on Wednesday.

The project to improve the quality of treated wastewater for climate resilience will enable water to be treated to agricultural reuse standards. The project is scheduled for implementation over the period 2024-2028.

“This project is an important example of the link between water, energy and agriculture by improving treated wastewater for agriculture and reducing energy costs through the use of solar energy,” said Malinne Blomberg, ADB Deputy Managing Director for North Africa, quoted by the TAP agency.

The project will modernize the electromechanical and electrical equipment of 19 wastewater treatment plants located in 11 provinces, and increase the use of photovoltaic solar energy to improve treatment and energy performance.

It is expected to benefit more than 670,000 people, according to the report.


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