Code of Conduct needed to restore citizen’s confidence in politicians

I was shocked as many Tunisians when I heard the death threat voiced by MP Fayçal Tebini targeting Prime Minister Youssef Chahed if the latter takes the decision to sign the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).

Such threat lacks wisdom and responsibility and heightens worries within the political landscape in the deep crisis in which our country is going through.

It is an unacceptable statement that shows us an example of the politically bankrupt’s level which arouses public anger and critic.

In addition, what the deputy stated, certainly undermines and deepens division among politicians, fundamentally fuels the current crisis between the major national stakeholders and demonizes them at a time when the reputation of most of them is in low level.

Unfortunately, many Tunisians observers, who are intently following Tunisian political and social landscape are really frustrated and discontented of the dissemination of rumors, lies and distortion on the political scene instead of ideas, programs and fair competition.

We strongly believe in this difficult juncture with such political discourse which dominated the political arena, that the threats to social peace are huge at a time our future shrouds in mystery, and if the situation will last with this worst pace, risks will be increased.

So, it is necessary to remind the calling for the urgent need of the code of conduct (CC) that all stakeholders should abide by in order to avoid misunderstanding and set off a tension-free relationship between the different factions and spectrums on mutual respect, especially that we are facing the challenges of the upcoming elections.

A new political discourse inspired by this new code of conduct will certainly enhance all stakeholders so as to be more responsible and to prompt youth to be more enthusiastic to contribute effectively to political panel addressing the key national issues.

Such CC set for political action based on mutual respect will surely form a solid framework for coexistence, political competition and sustainable solidarity among all Tunisians that we are witnessing some of its aspects in this blessed month that we hope it lasts even between political rivals by means of purifying the national political landscape and restoring confidence among the citizens in the political elites.

TunisianMonitorOnline  (Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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