A glimmer of hope at the end of sight

After a decade of uncertainty, misery and fear of the future, Tunisian people voice their hope to see their country shaping its vital balance in this critical time.

Tunisians are facing a tough political crisis at all levels, but they are still confident that it won’t last long and their top leader president Kais Saied serves his country with dedication and commitment by grappling with the huge problems as comment many experts.

It is known that Tunisia is damaged over this last decade by the Islamist Ennahdha party ruling by corruption, monopoly and speculation as well as by strong polarization and political instability. The last news, some of the president’s decisions. He extended the exceptional measures, in relation to freezing the powers of the House of People’s Representative (ARP) and lifting immunity on all its members until further notice.

These measures fuel debates, arouse greeting among the president’s supporters and at the same time arouse discontent among ideological opponents, which their numbers set to reduce from day to day, regarding that the country needs such measures.
The president will act quickly to honour his promises nationwide and worldwide.

On the other side, Ennahdha party leaders must halt prevaricate and poisoning the political atmosphere. It must stop denigration and lobbying campaigns that give the credence to the idea that president Saied committed a coup against the constitution and democracy.

For us, we must all together bear the entire responsibility in aim to help the president and honest stakeholders to rebuild Tunisian sovereign institutions and others. We must all stand to stop the bleeding excesses and sort of economic and political crimes, our urgent duty to step up more effort to help the state to overcome the scourges and dangers which damaged the people and tarnished the country’s image.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Chedly Ben Rhouma)

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