Tunisia launches 3rd national open day for COVID-19 vaccination: 467.631 COVID vaccination administered

Tunisia launched on Sunday the third national open day for vaccination against COVID-19 across the country’s 24 governorates for citizens aged between 15 and 17 and those aged 40 and above.

The vaccination process started at 7 a.m. local time and continued until 7 p.m with 467.631 COVID vaccination administered on the same day.

This initiative was organized by the health ministry in coordination with the defence, interior and education ministries, and in cooperation with several departments and components of the civil society.

Over 390 vaccination centres, distributed throughout the country, were set up exclusively for this open day.

“The objective is to achieve the vaccination of 50 % of the population, about 6 million inhabitants, by the end of October 2021 and thus, achieve collective immunity of nearly 80 %,” according to the Tunisian Ministry of Health.


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