MONSAPO inspired by nature for maximum efficiency

MONSAPO is an innovative Tunisian green technology start-up, founded in 2021, which aims to disrupt the green cleaning industry. It stands out for its innovation on two fronts: product innovation and process innovation.

Product innovation involves using its patent-pending formula that includes hazardous waste such as used cooking oil, a single lite of which contaminates 10 million litres of water, and non-hazardous waste such as wood ash as raw materials, in line with the circular economy and sustainable development model.

The innovation in MONSAPO is the manufacturing process to sell ready-to-use container plants that offer natural and ecological cleaning products, safe for health and the environment, at a very affordable cost, which differentiates itself from the market offer.

Sabrine CHENAOUI, CEO and co-founder, is a Tunisian with a passion for deep tech and an eco-innovator driving sustainable change. Sabrine is also passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability and empowering women in business.

MonSapo was one of the winners in the “She Goes Green” category at the Africa Grows Green Awards for Climate Change Innovations, held in Dubai at the Egypt Pavilion at the COP28 Climate Change Conference.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Sami BEN YAHIA Consultant in CSR and Sustainable Development)

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