Daily thoughts

In 2021, the so-called humans still didn’t figure out the answer to all their problems.  We are practically repeating- in a shuffle – all our mistakes.

Mistakes that boil down to the big 3: who we are? What are we doing? What are we expecting?

Chances are humans will never find answers because they always look for them from outside.

In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy this cirque of freaks, enjoy the creation don’t get involved with it and you will fuse with the light and agglutinate with the void.

People who can’t say sorry, people who can’t apologize for their actions, have reached a high level of toxicity that any attempt to detoxify ( apologizing, easing the tensions) can be actually counterintuitive for them because that release of toxins can do them more emotional damage than repair.

We have all been stubborn in our lives, the problem lays though in the continuous vicious cycle of making mistakes and ignoring them.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Ramy Trabelsi Civil Society member)

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