Tunisian-Kuwaiti MoU to be inked to exchange engineering expertise

President of the Kuwait Society of Engineers Faisal Douaih Alatel said that an agreement was reached with Tunisian ambassador to Kuwait, Hachmi Ajili to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tunisian Society of Engineers to enhance joint cooperation.

Alatel explained as he met with the Tunisian ambassador, that the MoU will be a true embodiment of the letter of intent signed between the Kuwaiti and Tunisian Society of Engineers earlier.

The cooperation will deal with the exchange of engineering expertise in various disciplines and the exchange of field visits, in addition to holding joint training and engineering development programmes., President of Kuwait Society of Engineers Faisal Douaih Alatel added.

He said that the meeting provided also the opportunity to review the list of Tunisian universities and engineering and technology colleges accredited in Tunisia that have regional and international accreditation, noting that the Society, through the engineering qualifications evaluation committee, in cooperation with the Arab Engineering Education Committee, will conduct field visits in the future to broaden the horizons of cooperation in the fields of engineering and technical education.

Alatel underlined the keenness that the doors of the “engineers” in Kuwait are open to expand and strengthen our professional and engineering relations with brotherly and friendly countries.

The meeting was attended by the Kuwaiti Society of Engineers vice president Mohammad al-Subaie, and Tunisian embassy advisor, Abdallah Amidi.


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